Competitive communities

Breaking news! Sub-disciplinary journals only read by people in the same discipline. Informants stumbled across this fact when they discovered that all social science articles preach how their subject matter is different in exactly the same way as other articles. The fact that no one affected by the differences under study manage their own problems in obscure language in expensive journals seems of little importance to the authors, who can only differentiate themselves from their peers by producing more articles articulating how other social theorists are incorrect to assume two things can be compared while also be unique. Commentators were keen to demonstrate the ignorance of those attempting to solve the similar problems as themselves, citing that what they have been studying for quite some time is actually not identical to everything else in the universe. Presumably the professorial antagonist was woefully misinformed because they had wasted their life indulging in incorrigible behavior including interacting with human beings, waiting in traffic to get groceries, and concentrating much of their energy on studying what makes their own area of focus unique instead of knowing the contextual complexities of the entirety of reality.

The terrible effects of intellectual insulation are palpable. When a young professional eating lunch at a local restaurant was asked if she understood the importance of being a crystallized subject of governmentality, the contours of whose ideological subjectivity is becoming articulated by performative imagined Others in a hybridized space of emergent assemblages criss-crossed by  meso-level flows of financial and social capital in late capitalism, she responded, “What? Leave me alone,” clearly exposing a complete incomprehension that history and context affect the lives of her and her loved ones. 

To discover if eminent scholars plan to combine their knowledge with  other disciplines, perhaps to create meaningful impact for people instead of constantly producing tentatively ground breaking ideas in ten page articles used as a currency to secure their livelihoods as gatekeepers to the bourgeois class, we e-mailed top ranking professors at the top ranked universities. The surprisingly few responses were rather disgruntled, often complaining about the increase in administrative requirements in their field and the near impossibility of making a decent wage as an expert trying to understand the world. Meanwhile, those in Maths and Science departments simply dismissed everyone else as”an obscurantist dick,” and continued to produce magnetizable breakthroughs that continually revolutionize the status quo.

In related news, a new project in the development sector deemed a ravishing success because it has received funding. One person working on the project  was asked about their progress, “My project is going very well, its garnering interest from outside sources which should lead to more donor funds.” In between Skype meetings to draft an itinerary for their next Skype meeting, where everyone’s voice will finally be heard, the NGO worker felt even more convinced that “his project” was really turning into a success, and wouldn’t shut up about it when other people were having pleasant conversations not about him. Although he never once mentioned the difference his  project made in the lives of the hundred impoverished small holder farmers he brought up to anyone he deemed his superior, we can only assume it is because they are doing much better than their previously benighted state, when they were so oppressed they didn’t even have an acronym to describe their deliverable outputs. For those interested in more details, you are welcomed to fly to Switzerland and pay the three hundred dollar entrance fee to hear his half hour session about the magnificent strides humanity is making to combat inequity, especially for women and youth.

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